Highland Presybyterian Church

Highland’s Organ

The church’s original organ was built by M. P. Möller, Inc., of Hagerstown, Maryland, and installed in 1956 as their Opus 8857. It contained 19 ranks of pipes.

In 1965 it was expanded by M. P. Möller with the addition of 5 ranks, increasing the number of pipes to 1420.

In 2003 the organ was removed to make way for the renovation of the sanctuary with the intent of enhancing the instrument’s tonal resources.

The new design was completed in 2007 with the help of the John Farmer, the organ consultant, and Ray Brunner, the head of R. J. Brunner and Company, Silver Spring, Pennsylvania. New pipework, windchests, and console controls were ordered, and old pipework was refurbished and revoiced. The physical installation in the pipe chambers of the church was completed by the Brunner Company in early 2008. The final tonal finishing was completed in late September 2009.

The new instrument contains 1,096 pipes from the original instrument and 1,286 new pipes, a total of 2,382 pipes.

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